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Water Valley

McGowan Store built in the 1910's

McGowan Store built in the 1910’s

Known for its flooding waters of Leiper’s Creek often damaging homes and businesses in the area, the community now known as Water Valley changed its name from Spencer’s Mill in 1874 when a post office was established here. The Roundtree Brother’s Store established in 1892 was originally owned by George Harlan and J.W. Oakley. Along side the Roundtree Brothers Store stood the McGowan Store known for the sale of handmade brooms, wild animal pelts, hair cuts, and hack service to Columbia. Then the McGowan Store, then owned by Frank Dodson, was moved by “four mules with a triple block and tackle, rolling it on logs, to turn the large building around to face Water Valley Road”. Large stock scales, peddling wagon, and gristmill was operated through the McGowan Store during Frank Dodson’s ownership. A doctor’s office, dentist office, blacksmith shops all operated in Water Valley.The round roof just west of Leiper’s Creek signified R.P. Pigg’s general store constructed in 1896. The store burned around 1930. Cleve Alderson built a store in the early 1930’s in Water Valley close to R.P Pigg’s store.

C.E. Dodson's Store

C.E. Dodson’s Store In Water Valley

In 1891, Thomas Pigg gave an acre of land to build a non-denominational church which was also used as a school house. With the help of the county and Donald Galloway who helped in raising money, the town was able to build a four room school house in 1911 in which grades first through eighth were taught here. A graduation ceremony was held for all graduating eighth graders. Water Valley school was built in 1949 and two teachers taught grades one through six. In 1959, Water Valley school was closed and all the children from Water Valley began school at the Santa Fe School.

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