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Hilltown, named after the John Hill family who had 21 children, was where Forrest Grove School once stood. ‘Possum Trot’ and ‘Coon Trot’ were nicknames given to Forrest School. The one room school built in 1884, surrounded by woods, housed grades 1st through 8th. After the first frost, the school would close at 12 noon and the students would hunt for chestnut, hickory nut, and sometimes grapes. Forrest School closed in 1918.

In the early 1800’s, the Hilltown Church of the Nazarene was formed and tent meetings were held by Preacher John Crane. In 1912, the Hilltown Church of Christ was formed and had services at its members’ houses and brush arbor meetings until 1921 when they were allowed to met at Sylvan Heights School. A church was constructed in 1951.

A molasses maker, midwife, and an old Camp Ground Springs for brush arbor meeting were held were also located within the Hilltown community.

Hinson, C. and Hardison, Harold. Maury County Tennessee History and Families. Paducah, KY: Turner Publishing Company, 1998.

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